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We are an integrated digital company based in Europe. We build really nice digital products and we help your brand become future-proof.

Hey there! I'm Razvan Burz

I am the Founder and Managing Partner at Burz & Company.
I help brands succeed using today's technologies and produce new media content.

We build mobile software products

We build mobile software products for companies and for end users, for iOS, Android and Windows.

We build the WWW

We build large scale, enterprise cutting-edge web applications for our business customers.

We build Internet of Things software

For our business partners, we outsource our IoT software development expertise.

We ♥ to entertain you

We build interactive software products, such as enterprise AR/VR, video games and e-learning products.

We are BURZ & Company

My name is Razvan BURZ. I am the Founder and Managing Partner at BURZ & Company. I run a stellar team of engineers, developers, marketers, and IT consultants as a whole international full-service digital media, products, analytics, consultancy, and marketing company.

Built around this brand, we are a digital company of one playing the infinite game of business and content. We've been doing business like this for over 16 years now, and we know a thing or two about what we are doing here.

Our whole team is remote, with its main offices in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Together we build really nice digital products, analyze market trends, consult our clients, and create new media content for a myriad of platforms.

This is our brand, BURZ & Company, and it is our way of helping your business become future-proof. We believe in a world where people can have less friction between technology and their daily activities, and we are doing our part in changing this.

At BURZ & Company we are currently taking on WordPress, .NET Core/.NET Framework, and PHP projects. Are you ready? Let's talk ▸

Digital Products, Content
& Integrated Marketing

Mobile & Web

Our team at Burz & Company designs and builds from simple up to complex websites and web applications for a myriad of devices, from smartphones to large displays. With today's mobile growth, where more than 75% of all web traffic comes from smartphones, it's important that your brand has a mobile-first website.

Creative & Content

We create our own content and we can help you produce yours. Whether this is your podcast, a company video presentation, need some advice on live streaming on a budget or need some programmatic digital content. We've been in the content business for some years now. Let's have a look and hear your voice online!

Social Media

Your brand must be social. It doesn't matter if it represents an industrial business company, a small corner shop or a blogger. It's time to embrace 2021 and correctly yet powerfully build your brand by knowing where your customers' attention is and that's the social networks.

Digital & Interactive Products

At at Burz & Company we build digital products ranging from mobile apps for iOS/iPadOS and Android devices to desktop computers running on macOS, Windows or Linux. With an experience of over 16 years in software development, there isn't a software product that we cannot build for your business (within imposed technical limitations).

Industry X.0

The best software products, created specifically for your Internet of Things devices. Basically the software the devices you produce and your end-users deserve. With an expertise of over 9 years in developing MQTT, MODBUS, and ISA 100 software, we may be your business's best match.

Integrated Media & New Media

Burz & Company is a media company at the core. We produce and post-produce targeted pieces of content for our company and our customer's companies around the world, for digital content sharing platforms such as social media networks and content distribution platforms, in written, audio and video form.

SEO & Online Marketing

Nowadays online marketing shifted from compulsive keyword stuffing inside your copy to quality content, constantly published on as many mediums as possible and precisely targeted to your niche audience. Just do that for as many years as possible and you're on top of search results? Don't believe it? Let's try it together!

Analytics & Optimization

It doesn't help if you’re just doing it once. Everything evolves and technology changes at such rapid pace. Your customer's attention shifts from your brand to another should it not become their favorite. We help your brand remain top of your customer's minds for a long time by measuring what works and what doesn't. Then we get back to work and update, tweak and maintain the relationship between your brand and its customers.

Training & Consultancy

We offer private courses and training for developers and IT Professionals. Within these training sessions, we provide tailored information related to improvements inside your company's core technological challenges. Besides private training sessions, we can be booked to speak at public events or hold public workshops on technology.

UI/UX & Architecture

This is one of those professional services where you really need to let experts do it! With a vast experience in designing, architecting, and building a myriad of software applications and web sites for many clients, we've mainly built our experience in the field, doing it over and over again.


With vast expertise in cloud computing, gained since its inception, we can recommend ways in which your company can scale up or down and save money harnessing the power of cloud computing from various providers, such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365 or Amazon Web Services.

Paid Search

Being a smart brand means using Search Engines' search results to leverage the power of intent, thus showing up exactly where and when your consumers are looking for something your business offers. Use the full potential of search engines such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. We can help!

A New Chapter for R Burz & Company

The transition to the new brand is almost done. As we are closing the doors to an old chapter in our business, we are opening them to a new one.

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