Burz Media and Burzware

A new brand that stands for quality as you've used to have with Burzware and Burz Media.

A New Beginning

As Burz & Company emerged, we decided to switch to a new strategy for Burz Media and Burzware.

Our newly created brand, Burz & Company encapsulates both of these two companies we've been running for some years already of which some of you may already be part of as partners or clients.

As you may have already read on the About page, our strategy for the next decade is to simplify. Thus, Burz & Company is a new beginning, a brand new home, and the home of a few of our passed brands, among them: Dev-Vision™, Burz & Partners™, Burz Agency™, Burz Studios™, Burzware™, and Burz Media™.

Before going further with the new brand, we would like to thank all our partners and clients who have been around in some way since these two brands' inceptions. So, warm thank-yous, dear partners! You are the reason we are in business to this day, for over 15 years. We are confident that the new brand will provide the best that ever was with the previous two companies, and then some.

After more than a decade we are starting anew. We are crafting a new, united, story. A few brands, Burz Media™, Burzware™, and Razvan Burz coming together as one, as BURZ & Company.

We've got a bunch of cool things in the store for you, so stay tuned, as the best is yet to come!


Founded in 2015, Burzware™ was known as a digital company where great software and web products were built. We've built quality products for clients from a myriad of countries and verticals, using .NET, PHP, and some client-server technologies. Burzware took over from where Dev-Vision, our previous brand, left-off.

All current digital products under the Burzware brand switched over to Burz & Company.

Burz Media™

Founded in 2016, Burz Media™, was a digital and new media agency. Its purpose has been to create quality digital experiences for our agency's clients: premium web sites and web applications, new media content, and social media marketing services.

Soon after its inception, Burz Media took over the Burzcast™ content component and built a strategy around it which you will see for years to come. Burzcast™ is our new media content brand based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Thank you for working with Burz Media thus far!

Thank you for that journey!
Join us on this new one, with BURZ & Company!